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May 2019

Sitting is the new smoking

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They say sitting is the new smoking – are you suffering from back and neck pain while sitting at work? Heres what you can do yourself to help, and set up your work space ergonomically. Movement is key – One of the main reasons why the musculature in the upper back and neck becomes stiff…

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Pregnancy Massage

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In this blog we will highlight some of the main ways pregnancy massage at Wandsworth Town Osteopathy can help with the most common physical complaints during pregnancy.  Massage helps increase circulation and lymph drainage, as well as importantly helping aid iron uptake. Iron deficiency is a common problem during pregnancy due to the increase in…

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Ice or Heat?

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We always get asked at Wandsworth Town Osteopathy: should I use ice or heat to reduce my pain and aid my recovery? The general rule is to use ice for the initial days immediately following an injury. This is called the acute phase. Ice is useful in reducing swelling and inflammation in the acute phase…

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