Sports Massage is an intensive deep tissue massage designed to ease general muscular aches and pains, whether caused by injuries on the sports field or stresses and strains of day to day life. Two of our Osteopaths, Dominic and Li-Leng, are highly skilled in Sports Massage and will use this intensive massage approach along with various stretches and inhibition techniques to reduce tension in the symptomatic areas. The aim is to ease pain, promote flexibility and increase the blood flow – hydrating the muscle fibres and reducing those nagging knots!

Whether you are suffering from muscle spasms following a slipped disc, have tension headaches caused by tight muscles from sitting at your desk, or if you’ve simply pulled a muscle from your training regime – sports massage can bring you welcome relief from your symptoms.

Sports massage can be an important tool in helping facilitate recovery of damaged soft tissue but it is also invaluable in preventing occurrence or reoccurrence of injury and so can be beneficial at any time.

Pregnancy Massage is also available at Wandsworth Town Osteopathy. All our osteopaths are trained in treating pregnancy, whatever stage you’re at. Book online or call our reception to find an appointment suitable for you.

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