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We aim to keep the online bookings page up to date at all times, but if a discrepancy does arise please contact us directly. As expressed we will endeavour to find appointment times to suit you, however appointments made that are not initially available online will be at the discretion of the Osteopath booking them on your behalf. We reserve the right to refuse treatment at any time.

Children under 16

Children under 16 must have a chaperone in attendance. Please email info@wandsworthtownosteopathy.co.uk for more information.

Cancellation and did not attend policy

Wandsworth Town Osteopathy operates a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you may be charged 50% of the price of the service as stated on the website at the time of booking. In the event that you do not turn up for your appointment you will be charged 100% of the service as stated on the website at the time of booking.

Appointment length

Initial consultations last up to 60 minutes and all follow ups appointments are up to 40 minutes. In each appointment you will receive approximately 30 minutes of hands on treatment depending on your symptoms.

Late arrivals

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for an appointment you may be refused treatment due to the time constraints of subsequent appointment start times. Please note that if you are treated the treatment may have to be cut short due to the above reason. You will be made aware of this on arrival. No discounts shall be given for late arrivals and / or resulting shortened treatments.

Paediatric non – treatment situations

Treating children may be difficult on occasions and if the child becomes too distressed to treat in the time frame of the appointment you may be discounted the cost – the amount is at the discretion of the practitioner and is on a case by case basis.

Home visits – Paediatric patients only

Home visits may be available on request for babies at an extra fee. Please email for more information if you require this service.


All payments are taken at the end of each appointment at the clinic.


Please be aware that if you arrive to your appointment and are suffering from a contagious illness or contagious skin condition you will be refused treatment, with the health of our practitioners and other patients in mind.


Promotional codes or discount codes must be quoted when booking an appointment.  A code can only be used once by an individual unless otherwise stated.  No code can be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.  Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with patients receiving treatment under their insurance company policy.

Letter requests / referrals

In the event that you request a headed letter from one of our practitioners in order for referral or legal reasons, we reserve the right to charge up to £30 per letter.

Insurance companies

We are happy, where applicable, to invoice insurance companies on your behalf. Alternatively we can provide detailed invoices via email in order for you to get reimbursed directly. Please be aware that you may be billed for your excess by Wandsworth Town Osteopathy directly if it is outstanding and you have received treatment.

We ask you to make the clinic aware that your insurance company will be providing payment when you book your appointment, either by notifying reception, emailing the clinic or by adding it to the notes on the online booking system. Please note you may be refused treatment if you have not informed the clinic beforehand. 

Before you come in for your initial appointment you must present your up to date membership / policy number and any injury pre-authorisation number from your insurance company. You must also present your policy limitations i.e. your excess amount and the amount of money or the number of sessions that has been approved, along with details of any co-insurance policies. If you do not provide these details pre-appointment you may be refused treatment until this has been provided.

If an insurance company rejects a payment due to the limitations of your policy, you will need to pay Wandsworth Town Osteopathy the raised invoice. In most instances where payment has been rejected you will need to contact the insurance company yourself due to data protection.

Please note Western Acupuncture may not be covered by many insurance companies as we are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council and not the British Acupuncture Association.

Below are some examples why your insurance company may not pay an invoice we have sent on your behalf.

  • As with most kinds of insurance policy it is likely that you may have an excess. Your insurance company may ask you to pay this excess to Wandsworth Town Osteopathy directly.
  • You may have reached your maximum benefit. If your policy limit is £250 and the value of your treatment sessions goes over this you will have to pay the outstanding amount.
  • Your insurance company may decide to limit the number of treatment sessions you are allowed. If so you will need to pay for all treatment sessions outstanding.
  • Your insurance company may not allow you to have 2 appointments on the same day.
  • If you do not present us with the relevant authorisation, or if your employer has to authorise treatment, then you may not have this benefit available until it is authorised. If so you will need to pay for treatment until this is resolved.

Invoicing on your behalf

We are happy to invoice on your behalf for all claims to Bupa, Vitality, Aviva and Cigna. Please note Dominic Johnson is the only practitioner at Wandsworth Town Osteopathy that is BUPA registered.


We currently are not taking AXA/PPP healthcare patients.

Other insurance companies

We require upfront payment for treatment and will issue you with an invoice in order for you to reclaim the cost from your provider.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact us at info@wandsworthtownosteopathy.co.uk

Covid – 19 update – infection control policy

Below is the clinic’s infection control policy with regards to reducing the potential spread of Covid 19 in the clinic.

Changes to the Clinic 

  • Any cotton towels used to be washed at over 60 degrees celsius.
  • Wipeable pillow cases implemented and fabric couch covers removed.
  • No waiting in reception by practitioners or patients.
  • Hand sanitiser / masks available on entrance to clinic. 
  • Gaps between patients to allow social distancing between patient crossover.
  • All payments and discussions to happen in the clinic room only.
  • Paper towels used for hand drying in rooms.

Changes to Booking Process

  • Screening of all patients prior to treatment for any Covid 19 symptoms in the last 14 days or any contact with anyone who has shown Covid 19 symptoms in the last 14 days.
  • Triaging of all patients prior to treatment in case they fall into high or moderate risk groups with advise given appropriately – High risk categories will not be seen. 
  • Asking patients to arrive on time and not too early.
  • Asking patients to sign a disclaimer reading screening and understanding the infection control policies of Wandsworth Town Osteopathy and its practitioners.

Changes to Treatments

  • Each practitioner, where possible, will use full PPE (personal protective equipment) according to PHE’s (Public Health England) advise regarding osteopathy treatments. This includes disposable gloves, disposable aprons and an IIR mask (as minimum). 
  • A change of clothes between each patient alongside washing hands before, during and after treatments, while wearing the minimum advisable mask (IIR) where aprons and gloves aren’t available is being used as an alternative in certain circumstances.
  • PPE to be donned and doffed within the clinic treatment room.
  • Offering the use of an IIR mask to each patient.

Changes to Clinic Cleaning 

  • Cleaning the clinic after each patient consisting of wiping down every surface the patient has come into contact with to the best of our ability. Using alcohol wipes, bleach, soapy water or  antibacterial sprays.
  • Aerating the treatment room after each patient for 20 minutes – including turning on extractor fans in treatment room and opening doors.
  • Double bagging disposable PPE waste and leaving for at least 72 hours before removing.
  • Deep clean all surfaces at the end of the day. 

Changes to Practitioner Protocols

  • Change into clinic clothing at the clinic at beginning of the day and change out of clinic clothing at end of the day.
  • Washing hands and forearms extensively before, during and after every patient.
  • Changing disposal gloves after touching any surface and before touching patient.  
  • Correct removal and disposal of PPE after each patient according to advice by PHE.
  • If practitioner develops symptoms of Covid 19  or a patient has developed symptoms post  treatment – the practitioner will self isolate for 14 days and inform patients seen within 7 days of either symptom onset. 

Screening and Disclaimer form

Below is the triage form we ask every patient before treatment

Infection Screen / High Risk Screen

  • Have you had symptoms of Covid 19 within the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in close contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid 19 within the last 14 days?

High Risk Screen 

  • Have you received a letter from the NHS asking you to self-isolate for 12 weeks from March 23rd?
  • Have you ever had an organ transplant?
  • Are you undergoing cancer treatment?
  • Have you had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant within last 6 months?
  • Do you have a severe respiratory condition?
  • Is your immune system compromised in any other way?
  • Are you pregnant with a heart condition

If answering yes to the above two sections, unfortunately we will not be able to treat you until the advice changes regarding high risk and vulnerable categories.

Moderate Risk Screen 

  • Are you aged over 70?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have a less than severe respiratory condition?
  • Do you have a disease of the heart, liver or kidney?
  • Are you diabetic?
  • Do you have a neurological disease?
  • Do you have a condition, or medication, that makes you at high risk of developing infections?
  • Do you have a very high BMI (kg/m2 of over 40)

If answering Yes to the above section please be aware that the risk of Covid 19 infection to you is greater than in the normal population, and that by being in a clinical setting your risk of contracting the disease is higher than if you are to self isolate at home. We will only treat in cases of extreme emergencies. 

Screen for Justification of Treatment 

  • Does your pain ever exceed 6/10?
  • Does your complaint affect your ability to work (or would it if you were working)?
  • Is your pain affecting your sleep?
  • Would your next step be to seek primary care help, say from your GP?

By signing below you confirm you are happy that you have read and understood the infection control policy and understand that Wandsworth Town Osteopathy are doing what they are able to combat the Covid 19 spread in the clinic. You understand the risks of treatment and waive any liability of Wandsworth Town Osteopathy and its practitioners for transmission of Covid 19 and any liability regarding their interpretation of the use of public protection equipment (PPE) and infection control cleaning.