Wandsworth Town Osteopathy specialise in treating newborn babies and young children.

Our specialist Paediatric Osteopath Alexandra Freeman has completed a 2 year post graduate Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) from the Osteopathic Centre of Children (OCC) here in London – one the leading providers of paediatric osteopathic educationĀ in the world. This diploma is the most detailed, longest and well respected paediatric diploma available for osteopaths in the treatment of children and babies.

The treatment of paediatrics covers newborn to teenagers and spans diverse issues.

Paediatric osteopathy is an incredibly gentle, safe and effective treatment for newborn babies and children which uses specific light pressure myofascial release, articulations, visceral osteopathic techniques as well as and cranial and sacral cranial techniques to release stresses and strains and encourage the holistic restoration of health and balance to the body, aiming to restore natural movement in turn encourage healing.

Children and newborns can have many issues when young such as breast and bottle feeding difficulties, head shape issues in babies such as plagiocephaly, sleeping disorders, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, baby reflux, baby colic, digestive and respiratory issues.

The treatment of paediatrics is also inextricably intertwined with the treatment of pregnant and post partum mothers and Alexandra is also available for pre and post natal treatments. Book online here for treatment with Alexandra for you and your baby.

Home visits may be available on request for an extra fee. Please email for more information if you require this service.

Tongue Tie

Many new mothers have trouble feeding their babies and sometimes the cause of this can be tongue tie. Tongue ties do not necessarily need a division as it is part of the whole-body tension of which ‘the tie’ is the visible part.

Bodywork (osteopathy) helps release this tension which can originate from the baby’s position in the womb, or during delivery. Working on the tension can improve the tongue function and this should be the focus before any intervention to cut a tie.

Osteopathy is also advised before a tongue tie division as it sets the body up for the optimal tongue release. Alexandra also helps parents with exercises they can take away as homework to improve the tongue function and to help ensure the tongue does not reattach.


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