Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle form of treatment which uses subtle techniques to identify tissue changes and imbalances. Your Osteopath will use soft, hands on techniques zoning in on rhythmic patterns aiming to re-balance areas of tension.

Cranial Osteopaths palpate for what is known as The Involuntary Mechanism – the pulsating flow in and around the nervous system – in order to identify areas of trauma, damage, discreet change and tissue stress. This cranial rhythmic impulse can be felt due to the elasticity of the membranes surrounding the central nervous system along with the articular design of the skull and the sacrum. Theoretically by enhancing the movement of fluid through subtle pressure, the connective tissue is released and thus tension in problematic areas is resolved.

Cranial Osteopathy is often used on babies due to its gentle nature however it is also applicable on adults and to great effect, suitable for acute as well as chronic conditions. While often focused around the head, it is still a whole body approach and aims to restore full physiological balance.

Cranial Osteopathy has been used on varying kinds of problems such as muscle tension, headaches and chronic pain.

Please note Cranial Osteopathy is not ‘Osteopathy for head and neck conditions’. As discussed above it is a completely different approach in the way we treat as opposed to the more structural osteopathy we provide at Wandsworth Town Osteopathy. Head and neck conditions can be treated by either Osteopathy or Cranial Osteopathy. It is really a matter of preference as they differ significantly.

 Please book with Alexandra Freeman for all adult or paediatric Cranial treatments.

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