Cupping is a method of reducing stagnation of blood flow in a muscle.  A vacuum is created in the cup when placed upon the skin. The cup is then left on the skin for a few minutes stretching the muscle fibres outwards allowing fresh blood to flow underneath. 

The increase in blood flow brings water, oxygen and nutrients to the area which aids in healing damaged tissue as well as hydrating muscle fibres allowing them to relax.

It is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment for many muscular disorders and we are able to work directly on the spine online dry needling or massage. 

Unlike traditional Chinese medicine which focuses on Meridian lines of the body – believed to be conduits in which energy flows through the tissues. Western medical cupping has an evidence based approach simply stretching the tissue and fascia, lengthening tissues and increasing blood flow. This can help to assist in relieving joint pain, increasing range of motion and speed any muscle recovery, overall improving physical wellbeing. 

Cupping can affect tissues up to 4 inches deep within the body much further than using deep tissue massage. This can allow a comprehensive detoxification of the skin, muscular tissue, fascia, lymphatic system and circulatory system combined. 

Cupping Marks 

Contrary to popular belief marks left after cupping are not bruises and do not hurt either during or after treatment. Bruises are tender to touch and caused by trauma. Cupping circles are caused by drawing the blood to the surface of the skin and subside after a few days. Generally speaking the darker the circle the more dehydrated that area of the body had been.

You’re safety is our paramount concern. Cupping uses a naked flame in the room (the cups aren’t heated – it’s to create a vacuum int he cup.) and the cups are made of thick non shatter glass. The equipment will be checked thoroughly before hand and fire safety equipment will be on hand in the treatment room.

Please note we perform dry cupping not wet cupping. Dry cupping does not break the skin or draw blood. 

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