Reflexology is a non invasive alternative healthcare system that promotes intense relaxation and well being. It is is a powerful and deeply relaxing natural therapy that helps to counteract the stresses and tensions of modern life. Focussing on the feet, this treatment will involve a foot massage with specific attention to reflex points mapped out in longitudinal zonal areas from the feet to the brain.  The points represent specific body areas/organs and through deep stimulation aim to help the restoration of function and balance in the body whilst improving neural and vascular circulation.

This ancient healing practice dates back as far as the early Egyptian and Chinese civilisations and today has become popular due to it’s restorative, detoxifying and stress-relieving benefits. Reflexology is a safe and effective treatment for many common ailments including headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, pregnancy-related symptoms, back ache and stress, and is suitable for patients of all ages. Western Reflexology maps developed in the 1920’s show where the body’s organs and systems  are reflected and mirrored in the specific points of the body on which a reflexologist works on. These maps are still used today

During the 45 minute session you will be in a comfortable lying-down or reclined position as the practitioner combines effleurage massage and firm pressure to the reflex points of the feet, please note you will have to remove shoes and socks for this treatment . Some areas may feel sensitive which could correlate to specific body / organ parts – these can be discussed during the treatment if necessary. Most people experience deep relaxation, even if they have ticklish feet! It is rare for a ticklish person not to enjoy Reflexology, however the treatment can also be modified to focus on the hands instead.”Reflexology works differently for each patient your reflexologist will aim to facilitate your bodies ability for well being, taking into account physical and non physical factors aiming to restore balance in the body.

*Unfortunately we currently do not have a reflexologist working in the clinic due to our last therapist recently moving out of London. Apologies for the inconvenience – we hope to have a new one on board ASAP.*

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